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that showed Saddam was reconstituting weapons sites. The contractor was associated with the Iraqi National Congress (INC), a group of Iraqi dissidents founded by Ahmed Chalabi which supplied much of the material reported in the press at this time.

Indeed,cheap retro jordans, the US media was saturated?with uncritical reporting based on defectors: CBS and PBS Frontline produced stories, as did The New York Times, which ran several such articles. These outlets rarely, if ever, acknowledged that sources were linked to the INC,www.amassdenver.com, which had a political agenda.

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Many American papers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post, lined up behind the Bush administration. The Times'?coverage by Judith Miller and others repeatedly parroted phoney intelligence, leading to Miller's disgrace as a journalist.

One famous article she co-wrote alleged, incorrectly, that Saddam was seeking parts for a nuclear bomb.

In 2004

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