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government on the crisis in Rakhine,, as narratives of insurgents and terrorism are easily controlled, and can draw strong parallels to China's own "problems" with its Uighur community. Without the Chinese to enforce sanctions and an arms embargo,, there would simply be no point,wholesale cheap jordans, and would lead only to more discord internationally that would result in less cooperation to find other solutions to the crisis. A military intervention would certainly be out of the question.

OPINION: The very least the UK owes the Rohingya is protection

Based on the above, why do we still see calls for sanctions and arms embargos? First, by showing the world and its constituents that it is "doing something"?a government can waylay threats of military intervention. Second,cheap jordans for sale, it alleviates media pressure on the government, although this only works for a country that does not consider the crisis to be an issue for national security. This is relevant for neighbouring countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, but not for the permanent members of the Security Council, which would vote on and enforce such an embargo.?

Calls for arms embargos and sanctions on the government and military of Myanmar are both unreasonable and idealistic when we take a moment to assess the

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