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closeup slowly down, a code is exposed the Jordan I, full of sense of rebellion.
Jordan those famous poster
Jordan those famous poster
A 1988 comedy-style television ads by the new director Spike Lee Executive mirror, and later as a black theme with the famous film director, he said, “in American business history, no one from the company to a black man as a spokesperson, Phil everything is done Kinght revolutionary. ”
TV advertising at the time of influence is far greater than today. NBA League to expand at a time when global business, when you watch a game on TV broadcast, Jordan won the game on 65 minutes – followed by a Jordan shoes advertising, persuasive is amazing. Such cross-border influence even to the silver screen in 1996 film “Space Jam” is called Jordan “up to 88 minutes of advertising”, this investment of $ 80 million live-action cartoon movie eventually mixed bag of more than 230 eligible billion global box office.
Bugs Bunny and
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